The Farm

Ben and I both suspected at a very early age that we would be in business together.

My big brother (Ben) started up a farm a few years ago. We coined it ‘lazy willow farm‘ because we would always prefer to be lazy and I suspect that in the world of farmers we sorta are and because at the farm’s birth ground there was a giant willow tree. Since those days, the farm has moved closer to home and is lacking our trademark willow.

We can’t call ourselves ‘organic’ because we haven’t bothered with the hassle or money to label ourselves such. Instead we are CNG, which practically means organic except that you can’t say it. 😛

Our love for farming stems from a deep love of eating. Ben was first a chef and wanted to grow his own vegetables and raise his own meat for his cooking. As time rolled on, he realized that he much preferred the growing side of his profession and switched to just being a farmer. We love growing the ‘odd’ and ‘weird’, with a big emphasis on heirlooms and the best tasting stuff around.

The farm is tended and run by just four people: Ben, me, Mom and Dad (sister Casie when she’s on vacation from professoring).

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