About Me

I am a writer, knitter, baker, vegetable farmer, cocktail enthusiast, sheep herder.

The images are mine. The poetry is not.  My original writing can be found here.Forever Friends by Garden Windows Photography


20 thoughts on “About Me

    1. From your comment on my post. I clicked on you and found your blog. So you finding me, helped me find you. :]

      how did you find me?

      1. Oh, I meant your comment on my other blog–Ickle Fickle, when you posted about the fantasy artwork. I run Ickle and Garden Windows.

    1. Thank you!

      I use an olympus digital E410. In all honesty, I am probably the least knowledgeable person when it comes to camera technology. My camera has a lot of preset programs on it and I always use the macro. It’s true though that if I don’t have good lighting, my colors will be off so I always try to use natural lighting. Oh–and the color red has always been tricky on my olympus. Sometimes the color comes out great. Other times it’s too harsh.


  1. Melissa, it is so good to find you at last. I still do love your books and wow, are you talented in so many areas! I Love your photography and you get to be a sheep herder? Wow. I would love to do that. Are you still writing? You should you know. You are very talented and Indie Writers have many more venues than they did 4 years ago. Karen 🙂

    1. Hi Karen! It’s great to be back in touch. How are you? I know, I kinda disappeared. I had a trauma with traditional publishing (long story), but I’m back to writing a new book!

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