Snow ~ Garden Windows PhotographySince New Year’s Eve, I have been down with the flu (in fact, the entire household is a snotty, lung-hacking mob), so my mac has become even more attached to my lap than usual. For the heck of it, I decided to explore my GIMP program and finally learn something. I’d seen black and white photographs that retained a single color and wanted to do that, too. After finding an excellent tutorial, I succeeded in editing my first ever photograph. (This isn’t it, because I like this one more.) I’ve been having so much fun ‘coloring’ my photographs that the flu has become almost bearable.

What do you think? Bizarre or cool?

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6 thoughts on “snow

    1. Thank you! This style can make a bold statement. I’m still playing around with different photographs–some look amazing while others look a little ‘off’.

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