zuzu ~ garden windows photographyIt’s fitting to share a picture of my cat, Zuzu, in the winter. She arrived at the back porch door on Christmas Eve as a kitten over 6 years ago. It’s been a running joke in the family whether the local vet did a ‘drop-off’ in the neighborhood as she already knew all about the litter box. And really, who can possibly turn down a sweet kitten on Christmas? We named her Zuzu from It’s a Wonderful Life.

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2 thoughts on “zuzu

  1. Oh my gosh, ZuZu was right in my “own backyard.” I have been looking everywhere for a picture of a white cat with a black nose that looked cute, rather than sneering for the e-book cover for “Finding The Fiddle Family’s Feline–or–The Case of Forgotten Freddy.” When I couldn’t find the “right” cat, I chose another one and changed the descriptive text through the story. Well, maybe next time. But this does give me ideas. I have a “Pesky Partying Parrot in Perth” coming up–you don’t happen to have any parrots around? Hmmm, I better check your site when I’m looking for those ebook pic’s. (Moke and his mule is also coming up–got any mules?) All my best, Bj

    1. Hahaha! Sorry, no parrots or mules here. But if you were to write one about a pig … or a lamb, then I could help.

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